A Recap of My Gallery Visit

As you may recall from a previous article I had chosen to visit the Peninsula Gallery located in Lewis Delaware for a project in my art class. This is a small privately owned gallery which specializes in exhibiting the art work of many eastern shore artists. This provides an excellent occasion for the particular artists to possibly sell their work to tourists from out-of-state which arrive to view the artists work.

I initially chose this small shop to report on due to its location. First off, the location is along our shore line in southern Delaware and is known for its artistic atmosphere. Many artists, both known and unknown visit our Rehoboth-Lewis area annually. This opens up many avenues for surveying worthwhile art work. In addition, the gallery was not for from the city where I resided making it very convenient to attend.

This was the first time I had ever attended this gallery and eventually I walked away with two new friends who were the owners and operators of the location. The proprietors, Carol and Tony Boyd-Heron were sociable hosts, as I casually roamed their premises and they often offered advice when needed. They were both very artistically educated in the field of art and were pleasant to converse with.

The interior of the gallery was laid out similar to what one would discover in a small home. As you wandered from one room to the other in search of visual adventures it was a pleasant surprise at some of the art found. There were four major sections of the gallery however only two were to apply to my assignment, the general art work area and the featured artist exhibit area. The remaining locations within the gallery were reserved for the owners frame business and their painting restoration service.

I think the best part of the visit other than the art work which hung upon the wall was the friendly atmosphere offered to newcomers as you first enter through the doorway. It is always good to be greeted with a warm smile and a congenial “Can I help you find anything?” I was at first taken back by the small size of the gallery but that shock quickly past as I investigated the works hanging on the walls. I found that even though the gallery may have been small in size it was large in quality art material.

I admit I was a bit disappointed with not being able to see the Frank Schoonover exhibit of which I had originally planned to report on. Unfortunately, the art work had not yet arrived and I was forced to select an alternative artist for my review. Walking from room to room I could see the changes of topics from one artist to another. In one room we may have seascapes while in another we witness the busy activities associated with “Small Town USA”.

Since I was somewhat of a modern abstract artist I decided to question the owner on the lack of any sort of modern style art hanging in the gallery. He informed me that due to the lack of a market for that type of work they usually did not provide space for them. My eventual selection was with some recent works by Howard Eberle. Although I was not familiar with this artists work, one watercolor painting in particular caught my attention. It was a simple painting which provided a measure of space combined with structured composition. I enjoyed the shadow and light effects that he accomplished so well. The title of this work of art which attracted my eye was referred to as “Sunset Bay”.

“Sunset Bay” is a small two by three feet watercolor painting featuring a beach scene with white sand in the foreground accented by a receding circular sun. You could ready realize that the painting was displaying an evening view of the ocean as the sun slowly descends into the horizon. The artist has skillfully shown the horizon in complimentary colors and shades to balance the remainder of the canvas.

A beach chair in total black without adornment is in view within the foreground revealing the skills of the artist in contrasting the various shades of light and dark. As I viewed the painting from across the room my eyes immediately made their way to the declining sun sitting peacefully on the vivid horizon. Mr. Eberle has managed to successfully combine the straight lines of his beach chair to the curvatures of the fading sun. As the parallel lines from the horizon blend in with the remaining portions of the painting, one is afforded a rare feeling of peace and tranquility.

I guess the most redeeming factors of “Sunset Bay” was the nostalgic feelings which it brought back to me from my younger years as I myself would sit silently on the sandy beach listening to the sea gulls overhead and observing the sun slowly departing for the day. For those who would like to see some additional work from the gallery you can visit their website on the internet (Boyd-Heron, n.d.). I have all intentions of returning to the gallery at some future date to view additional works found there such as that offered by Tara Funk Grime and Frank Schoonover.